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This is why crisp packets are always empty at the top


There’s a hierarchy of things that are bound to rile up the British population.

  1. The rising price of chocolate bars
  2. Gary Lineker not ‘sticking to sports’
  3. Crisp packets having a bit of air at the top where there could instead be more crisps
  4. Katie Hopkins

Some of these things are out of our control - but that’s not always the case.

Sometimes…just sometimes…we can learn the truth and change our minds.

Well, it turns out that that ‘air’ you thought was keeping you from more fried potato snacks is actually nitrogen gas, and it’s there for a very good reason.

Think about it – when you leave crisps out in the open air, they go off. So obviously it isn’t regular air, you idiots, or else you’d have a ruined snack before even opening the packet.

Not only does it preserve crisps for longer, but it keeps them crispy. And if they weren’t crispy, what would we call them? Nothings?

Regrettably, it might be time for you to offer Big Crisp an apology.

Either that, or wait for them to also solve the whole Hopkins thing too before hailing them as geniuses.

(Main image: Pixabay)



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