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The League of Gentlemen is making a TV comeback


League of Gentlemen fans rejoice: we’re heading back to Royston Vasey for some more special stuff.

And we’ve got Duncan Jones – award-winning director and son of David Bowie no less – to thank for the news being revealed. Responding to praise for the show from the Moon director, writer and star Mark Gatiss tweeted that the show would be returning for an “anniversary special”.

The news was then confirmed by fellow writer and star Reece Shearsmith:

And lo, the people were happy:

The show originally ran for three series on the BBC between 1999 and 2002, with the League comprised of Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith, Jeremy Dyson and Mark Gatiss. The TV series was then followed by a 2005 film – The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse – and a pantomime-themed stage production, The League of Gentlemen are Behind You!, which took place the same year.

Last October, Gatiss hinted at a return, saying on BBC 6Music, “We talked seriously about doing something. We’re not quite sure what it is yet, but we would love to do something."

When asked whether the beloved old characters would return, or whether there’d be something new, he said, “I think we have become a local country for local people and wonder if there is something Brexity in us that we can do.”

He also added, “Michael Gove’s resemblance to Edward from the local shop is not a coincidence.”

No further details have been revealed, but if it is to be an anniversary special, then we’d guess either later this year (15 years after the end of the show) or 2019 (20 years since the start).

*Update*: let’s all be careful how we talk about this, or it could be jeopardy...



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