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The 12 most ridiculous Saved by the Bell storylines


The main thing that sucks about being a child of today? No Saved by the Bell. Well that and the increase in global warming.

School holidays were illuminated with endless episodes of Zack and his cohorts getting up to all kinds of mayhem. And while it might have seemed fairly normal at the time, looking back, some of the storylines were a tad odd to say the least.

Here are the 12 most head-scratching plots we could find...

Jessie and her new friend Graham protest the use of polystyrene foam cups at their school


A tabloid is offering money for photos of real aliens, so they dress Screech up as an alien in order to fool the tabloid


During class, Zack learns about subliminal advertising and realises that it could be used to trick Kelly into going to the dance with him


Kelly gets hit on by an 11-year-old


Jessie turns to caffeine pills as a result of the pressure with midterms and her singing group, ignoring Slater's warning that the pills can damage her health


The gang put on a rap version of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"


In order for Kelly to go to a George Michael concert, she has to pass her science test


Screech is left to look after Slater's chameleon when he goes away, but things go awry


Slater's ex-girlfriend comes to Bayside and Screech's love machine shows that she and Slater still have feelings for each other, much to the annoyance of Jessie


Screech is hit by lightning and afterwards has the ability to see into the future, which Zack and Slater use to their advantage


After inventing a new kind of spaghetti sauce and making a TV advert, Screech begins to date Robin, a rich and pretty girl at school


When the school strikes oil, the kids go crazy for it after they find out how much the well is worth


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