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Wild monkey filmed attempting to have sex with a deer


2017 just got interesting. No, nobody has died, it’s just a wild monkey trying to make sweet, sweet love to a deer who wasn’t having any of it.

The image and footage below was caught in 2015 by researchers investigating the macaque monkeys in Japan. Y’know, those small furry boys who bathe in hot springs. But instead of filming some seriously chilled out primates soaking it up in a natural hot tub, they filmed this cheeky chap trying to mount a deer instead.

Apparently this occurrence is rare though not unheard of on Yakushima Island, just south of Japan, as these monkeys are known to sometimes ride on the backs of the deer. It’s thought that the monkey seen is a young male a part of a larger group, meaning that he’s a bit grumpy he hasn’t managed to bag himself a girlfriend yet, especially during the time of their mating season.

“As a consequence of not having access to females, these peripheral males could socially learn to have sexual interaction with Sika deer in order to decrease their sexual frustration,” explains Sueur Cédric.

“It would be interesting to continue to observe these Japanese macaque male groups in Yakushima as this species is known to display cultural behaviours and social learning.”

No shit Sueur. This is next level You’ve Been Framed stuff right here.

Hopefully they can still be mates though, as the macaque and deers are thought to have good relationships, as the monkeys sometimes feed them by shaking the fruit from trees, with the deers also known to eat the monkeys’ faeces too.

Maybe we aren’t so different after all.



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