You're going to want to download the Deadpool emoji


You’re about to see a lot of Deadpool, soon to be bloodying cinema screens with Ryan Reynolds in the lead role.

An awful lot in fact.

Putting a spin on a few classics while also teasing a few characters from the upcoming ultra-violent romp, the Deadpool certified emoji may also impress your mates and bemusing your dad in equal measure. 

The latest digital stocking filler from 20th Century Fox’s 12 Days of Deadpool campaign - we’ve already seen him roasting his proverbial chestnuts near an open fire, sporting a festive jumper and teasing script notes filled with his trademark quips, all marked in red obviously – it’s his best festive treat so far.

And considering he talks more than most, if any Marvel character deserves his own digital language, it’s this guy.

You can download it here for Apple, or here for Google Play.

Deadpool is in UK cinemas from 4 February 2016