This stunning Swiss watch will almost certainly be sued by Apple


Apple don't appreciate imitation. Just as Samsung. Or Nokia. Or HTC, Kodak and Motorola

Yet that hasn't stopped Swiss watchmakers H. Moser & Cie from drawing 'inspiration' from the Apple Watch.

The model, named 'Swiss Alp', supposedly encapsulates the "fighting spirit" H. Moser is rallying in the face of stiff competition from the new smartwatch market.


"Rather than create a model with an electronic heart trying to look like a mechanical watch," writes the 
H. Moser & Cie website, "[we have] chosen to do the opposite: the Swiss Alp Watch is inspired by the modern design of smartwatches, but is entirely mechanical. With its 100 per cent Swiss Made manufacture movement and a minimum power reserve of 100 hours, the Swiss Alp Watch is designed to last and is well equipped for the next generation."

With a price of $25,000 (£17,162), it surpasses the even the most wildly expensive Apple Watch Edition models (the most expensive official version of which fetches £13,500), wearing its mechanical heart proudly on its sleeve.

Whether H. Moser & Cie will sell enough of them to meet the legal costs of the extremely-likely legal action is yet to be seen.

Who knows, maybe Apple will take it as the flattering jest it's clearly intended to be and let them tick on. Time heals all, right?


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