This is why a bunch of your Instagram apps might have stopped working

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David Cornish

Did you enjoy browsing cappuccino art with Gramfeed? Or searching out the biggest new hashtags with Mixagram?

Chances are you've discovered that those services, along with a host of other third-party Instagram tools such as Fastfeed and Padgram, have all stopped working. 

The cause? Instagram has changed its 'application programming interface' (API), a series of features that allow other groups to access data and images hosted on Instagram without having to download the app itself.

Last week, Instagram tightened the wording of its API to give it more control over the community that shares images hosted on the app. In short, this quality control brings an end to many 'dodgy' third party apps that allowed you to search Instagram photos and hashtags, queue up posts to the app or view posts of a particular Instagram account. 

While it might ruin some Insta habits you'd formed, take solace in the knowledge that it'll prevent your photos ending up on sites you may never have intended them to. 



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