This app reveals the invisible wireless signals bombarding your world


The British skies are filled with more than just clouds.

Rattling about above our heads is an invisible world of radio waves, undulating pulses of electromagnetic signals and all manner of wireless communications - all brought to life by the new app Architecture of Radio.

By pulling in public data on wireless transmitters, phone masts and satellite positions, Architecture of Radio builds an augmented reality view on your iPhone or iPad. As you spin your view around, you can see just what sort of digital signals you're bombarded with on a daily basis.

It should be noted that the signals aren't live, but more of an artistic representation of the waves and patterns that are in the air at this very moment - bouncing from your phone to a mast to a satellite and back.

If nothing else, it'll leave you with an appreciation of the unseen tech keeping you connected on a daily basis.

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