Does this video show us what to expect with the new iPhone 7?

There's a growing wish list of features we want to see on the iPhone 7.

A borderless display (because edges are so 2014). A 5.4-inch OLED screen (for Netflix n Commute). A home button that doesn't break after four months.

The creative minds of are clearly thinking along the same lines, putting together a concept model of an iPhone 7 that represents a giant leap forward over the iPhone 6S. This is how the Germans would make an iPhone...

They've not just outlined a physical handset:'s designers have come up with a vision for iOS 10 as well, including adjustable app icon sizes, more detailed 3D Touch shortcuts and a home button that responds to different swipe gestures.

Another aspect that falls in line with the iPhone 7 rumour mill is the lack of headphone jack and an adoption of the fast-charging USB Type-C port - helping to shave some millimetres off the thickness of the device.

Sure, it's just a concept - and all these fancy features would most probably drain any current smartphone battery flat within a day. But it's another neat concept that pushes us to hope that even Apple - creators of some of the coolest gadgets of the last two decades - must be working on something a touch more exciting than a thinner phone.

We'll have to wait for Apple's annual September event to find out for sure. That, or wait for the first substantial leaks to arrive.