Drone racing is the 'sport of the future' - and it looks amazing


Hate exercising? Out of breath after a short flight of stairs? Struggling to find an outlet for your competitive side?

We've found your new favourite sport.

The Drone Racing League is looking to establish itself as "the sport of the future", launching in the US with a series of race events. Think Red Bull Air Race, but much smaller, and with more crashes.

With drone parts becoming cheaper and more powerful with every passing month, drone racing has moved from a niche hobby to a semi-professional sport: one of the first 'pro' racing events held in the US last year had a prize pot of $25,000 (£17,500).

The events of the Drone Racing League - all set to be shown on YouTube - see racers control their craft with FPV (first person view) headsets, flying at speeds of over 70mph. 

Check out the teaser video below for an idea of what to expect.

Who knows, you might have the drone racing equivalent of Messi's left foot in your left thumb.


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