Can you name the top-rated horror films of the 21st century?

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Tom Victor

For all the big-budget blockbusters and superhero films dominating box office ratings of late, it’s easy to forget that the horror genre has had a real resurgence since the turn of the century.

Ever since Scary Movie parodied the genre in 2000, plenty of genuinely scary movies have made an impact, from period horrors to zombie movies and more or less everything in between.

Rotten Tomatoes remains a solid barometer of quality across the film world, and plenty of recent releases feature among the site’s top horror flicks of all time.

Each of the answers below have a rating of 88% or higher, based on 40 or more reviews – how many can you name?

Note that Room 237, while part of the Rotten Tomatoes list, is not among the answers here as it is a documentary.

(Image: Samad Jble)