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You really need to remember to register your vote today

You really need to remember to register your vote today

You really need to remember to register your vote today

At the time of writing this, you've got around half a day to register to vote in May's General Election - a process which takes all of 10 minutes thanks to this altogether simple, accessible website and will have a massive effect of the direction that UK is headed. After midnight tonight, that's it. You've missed your chance.

Sure, you don't have to, and indeed, it's your right not to but if you don't you're cutting back on your own representation. It might seem boring, it might seem pointless but voting is entirely about representation, about giving voice to belief and opinion, about heavy, weighty subjects like power and mandate and government. It's about freedom of speech and justice, campaigning, flag waving and debate. Democracy doesn't finish with a cross in a box - but it's the best, easiest place to start.

If in the last few weeks you've found yourself rattled by the words of politician, you should register and vote on 7 May. If you've watched a televised debate or flicked through an article on the commute that caused bile to fill your mouth or hope to lighten your chest, you should register and vote on 7 May.

If you've got an opinion on taxes, a gripe about the NHS, a grumble about road surfaces - if you have ever formed a sentence around the opening gambit of "The problem with this country is...", then you should register and vote on 7 May.

Because, quite frankly, if you don't take this opportunity to get involved with influencing the way our country is run, you've seriously undermined your ability to hold an opinion on any aspect of our democracy, even if it's just to say: "I told you so."

Plus, it literally takes two seconds, it's easy.There are big, green buttons with affirming words like "Start now" and multiple choice selections simpler than a year four maths test. If you've managed to navigate your way to this website, you're entirely capable of clicking a few boxes and participating in the politics of this country, surely? 

So stick the kettle on, make a brew, and register to vote