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Yeti expedition confirms existence

Rest of world asks for second opinion

Yeti expedition confirms existence
Danielle de Wolfe
09 October 2011

Ever feel like your job is a bit of a waste of time? That, unless you're saving lives or inspiring young minds, you might as well not even bother?

Well, spare a thought for the research team that were sent to hunt down the Yeti in Siberia last week. The group (a combination of Russians, Americans, Canadians and other nationalities) were invited to evaluate evidence of the mythical snow creature's existence and share stories of their experiences.

Today, the local administration of the Kemerovo region confirmed on its website that "indisputable proof" has been found that confirms the Yeti, also known as Abominable Snowman, exists. What's prompted this? Well, they found footprints, his alleged bed and possible hair samples.

"During the expedition to the Azasskaya cave, conference participants gathered indisputable proof that the Shoria mountains are inhabited by the 'Snow Man'," the Kemerovo region administration said in a press release.

The small region may develop a research centre to study the Yeti, which will have nothing to whatsoever with any attempt to increase tourism in the local area. At all.

(Image: Rex Features)