13 X-rated history facts you won't have learnt at school

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Emily Reynolds

History – especially if you had a really shit teacher – was often a really dry lesson, wasn’t it? Loads of boring facts about boring dead people in powdered wigs and corsets. Boring.

What might have made it more interesting, though: any of these X-rated facts. In a Reddit thread, historians amateur and professional alike shared some lesser known, often kind of disgusting historical facts. Spoiler alert: people had just as much disgusting sex in the past as they do now, and lots of people died in really gross ways. 

Some of the facts are fairly disgusting

Literature also holds some pretty interesting secrets

Theodora sounds like a legend, tbh


There were also some illuminating facts from U.S. history

Science is so beautiful

And absolutely the best of the lot

Put it on the national curriculum. 


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