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You thought you'd already seen the worst dive ever. You were wrong.

We're almost impressed by this

You thought you'd already seen the worst dive ever. You were wrong.
Tom Victor
30 May 2017

If you were a footballer who broke through early and never quite fulfilled your potential, you might be tempted to do something in your later career to make sure people remember you.

The question here is how far should you go. If your name is Danko Lazovic, the answer is ‘there’s literally no limit’.

Lazovic was a teenage star in his native Serbia, and made his international debut aged just 19, but never really kicked on fully after some moderately impressive seasons in the Netherlands.

Now 34, he is playing his football in Hungary with Videoton, which is where he produced this moment of ingenuity.

We can barely call this a dive, partly because Videoton were awarded a free-kick, and partly because it transcends the mere act of diving and elevates itself to a higher plane altogether.

Now, let’s be clear here. Diving is good, and an important part of the game of football. We’ve been over this.

There are levels of diving, though. If Luis Suarez’s antics to win a penalty against Paris Saint-Germain were Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver, Lazovic’s effort is more akin to Tommy Wiseau in The Room.

It’s as if he’s gone his entire career without knowing you were allowed to dive, only to have a lightbulb moment after reading a flick-book on the subject. There’s a chance he’s just seen the before and after shots and improvised the bit in the middle.

Or maybe he just watched this clip. It’s hard to tell.

Does the fact that the dive was completely unnecessary make it even better? Yes. One million times yes.