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Woman wakes up to a 5 metre python in her bedroom

A scaly surprise

Woman wakes up to a 5 metre python in her bedroom

Now this is how to go very quickly from a dream to a nightmare.

Trina Hibberd, from Mission Beach in Queensland, Australia - where else - awoke at 4:30am on Sunday morning to find a 5.2m scrub python in her bedroom. He was so huge that he stretched all the way out into her lounge. He'd managed to turn on a light and knock over a lamp before hero snake-catcher Dave Goodwin arrived.

This video, posted to Facebook, shows the full scale (pun intended) of the snake, named Monty.

Ms Hibberd told the BBC: "I guess he came in to have a bit of a feed or say hello, or he's gone a bit senile. I've no idea," adding that she believed he had been living in the roof of her house for many years. Which begs two important questions: what on earth was he eating, and why didn't she try and move him before he paid her a visit.

The snake, which weighed 40kg, was quickly captured by Mr Goodwin before being transferred to a sewage pond with the Cassowary Coast Regional Council area, where he will be helping to tackle a rat infestation.

"I guess Monty has gone to snake heaven and he's going to be this big fatso," said Ms Hibberd.

Yeah, cos he's a bit of a tiddler at the moment isn't he?