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Why Jeremy Corbyn was actually correct not to bow to the Queen

It was Theresa May who made the faux pas

Why Jeremy Corbyn was actually correct not to bow to the Queen
22 June 2017

A “disgusting socialist”, “despicable”, “a Marxist who shows no respect for the UK or its institutions” – these are just a few of the terms that were thrown at Jeremy Corbyn yesterday after he “refused” to bow for the Queen at the State Opening of Parliament.

MailOnline were of course quick to run a story on Corbyn’s flagrant disrespect for our monarch, after all, the ‘fact’ that Corbyn is anti all of Britain’s traditions and wants the Royal Family locked up is one of the right-wing media’s favourite attack points against him.

Remember that time he was accused by The Sun and many others of ‘dancing a jig’ on his way to attend Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph last year, only for it to turn out that the photos had been cropped and the story was totally made up?

Corbyn was accused of 'dancing a jig' on his way to Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph last year

Well, just like on that occasion, it turns out everyone criticising Corbyn over his latest heinous, anti-British act was totally in the wrong to do so. He actually observed the correct protocol by not bowing his head to the Queen, and it was actually Theresa May who made a mistake by doing so.

A senior source told HuffPostUK: “The correct protocol is that the Speaker and Black Rod bow on behalf of the whole of the House. Jeremy observed that protocol.

“This is yet another example of the  chaos around Theresa May and her team that they can’t keep her abreast of the appropriate protocol and etiquette.”

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May attend the Queen's Speech

This was confirmed by Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry’s political adviser, Damian McBride, who watched back old State Openings to check what previous leaders had done.

Corbyn’s Republican views have led to criticism more founded in fact in the past, especially early in his tenure as Labour leader. He was attacked for not singing the National Anthem at a Battle of Britain memorial service back in September 2015.

But this time, his supporters were very happy to be able to call out those who’d wrongly stuck the boot in.

The Tories are still trying to reach a deal with the DUP to form a coherent minority government, meanwhile recent post-election polls have put Labour as many as five points ahead of the Conservatives, following Theresa May’s disaster on 8 June.