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VIDEO: Worst armed robbery ever

Never rob a bar in Rotterdam

VIDEO: Worst armed robbery ever

When faced with a robber, we like to claim that we'd stand strong and not bow down to their demands. In all likelihood however, the very sight of a gun would probably have us cowering and agreeing to pretty much anything.

We might need to start hanging out with more Dutch folk.

We're all familiar with the set-up. A man enters a bar with a gun and demands money. But instead of the typical compliance, the patrons just carry on with their night. No amount of swagger and gun-swinging could produce any fear. In fact, if anything, they were just rather annoyed.

Realising that it's just not working, the robber runs out of the door. Unwilling to allow their night to be totally ruined, the entire bar then chase him and after a disastrous getaway, they catch up.

Justice. Served. Go Rotterdam.

You can see the video below:

(Image: Rex Features)