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VIDEO: A beard backwards

Confusing? Read on…

VIDEO: A beard backwards

There are but two reasons why fish fingers remain one of our favourite foods. One, because when wedged between think bloomer bread and slathered in Tommy K they become crunchy golden sandwich fillers of joy, and two, because they have one of the finest spokesman ever conceived: Captain Birdseye. And while we realise he is entirely fictional (he is kids, sorry to break it to you) that doesn’t stop us from admiring the man for his spectacular cheek warmers.

Until recently, we thought he was unrivalled in the facial hair stakes. That is until we saw this video of Tom Offer-Westort (below), who has one of the most absurd beards we’ve ever seen. While it may look like his hair has grown exceptionally fast (that’s some five-o’clock shadow), it hasn’t, he's just been all clever and recorded it backwards, after he lopped the whole thing off.

Still, we reckon the man deserves a beard-growing gold medal.

Trim from Petey Boy on Vimeo.