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Unluckiest ant ever

Spare a thought for this fella

Unluckiest ant ever
30 March 2011

Now, not many of us like the rain. Our clothes get damp, we're prisoners in our own homes and we suffer minor yet frustrating injuries getting poked by umbrella spokes.

Yet, in the scheme of things we don't really have it that bad. It's pretty rare that our lives are seriously and irrevocably affected by some rainfall.

Unlike this poor guy. Heading out for a play in his hometown of Noosaville, Australia, this unnamed ant suddenly found himself in the midst of a surprise bout of rain. Unable to run back to his ant house quickly enough, he became enslaved by a raindrop which became his killer and his coffin.

This harrowing snap was taken by Adam Gormley who was too late to save the tragic little guy.

You can see more of his work here.