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Duncan Jones just handled questions from this incredibly rude interviewer like a boss

Duncan Jones just handled questions from this incredibly rude interviewer like a boss

Duncan Jones just handled questions from this incredibly rude interviewer like a boss

Spare a thought for big name actors and filmmakers.

They probably didn't get into the industry in the hope of sitting on a sofa jabbering away to Graham Norton about nonsense - interviews are part and parcel of marketing a film, and at times are as comfortable as pulling out your canines with a set of pliers.

See Exhibit A: Duncan Jones being critiqued over the faults of his new film World of Warcraft film by a particularly irked interviewer, which he handled with aplomb:

Best viewed through the gaps in your hands, this horribly awkward chat between the BBC's Adam Rosser and director Duncan Jones is a Formula One car crash of a film junket. A textbook example of how NOT to interview a filmmaker. Sounding more like a geeky blogger posting snarky messages on a forum as opposed to a professional journalist, Rosser seemingly spends the whole duration of the interview panning World of Warcraft, questioning the filmmaker's methods and storytelling abilities to the point you expect him to break down weeping. 

Conversely, Jones, it must be said, comes out of it all heroically, failing to rise to the bait. Answering calmly and collectedly, he even has to suffer the audacity of Rosser leaving abruptly, his quizzical glances summing up the oddness of it all. Deleted by Rosser, the video has since resurfaced and been uploaded back onto YouTube in all it's cringe-inducing glory.

Not feeling quite uncomfortable enough? Send your cringe-o-meter into overdrive with these other incredibly awkward celebrity interviews.

1. Quentin Tarantino vs. KRON4 News (2003)

Early last year we witnessed Quentin Tarantino shut Krishnan Guru-Murthy's butt down, when the Channel 4 newsreader broached the prickly subject of on-screen violence. Tarantino was not impressed. Unsurprising really, seeing as he's been fighting the same battle for over two decades, as seen in this interview with a not very objective news anchor dressed as Freddy Krueger.


2. Grace Jones vs. Russell Harty (1980)

Along with being a decorated musician, occasional actress and full-time mentalist, Grace Jones is also part llama - in that you must not, under any circumstances, turn your back on her. Russell Harty did once. It didn't end all that well for him.


3. Jesse Eisenberg vs. Romina Puga (2013)

It's a tough call here as to where the fault really lies for the uncomfortable atmosphere in this one. Is Eisenberg pulling a Zuckerberg or is the grating over-familiarity of the interviewer causing him to react in a completely understandable way?


4. Bruce Willis vs. Magic 105.4 (2013)

Unsurprisingly for actors, the fun part of making movies is the bit where you get to make a movie. The movie junket on the other hand, is less about the LOLs and more about "Sales!", as Bruce Willis has quite rightly noted.

But, here's a quick tip for any Hollywood studio hoping to put Mr Willis in their next picture - maybe just leave him to the acting. Turns out he's not the greatest salesman, as brutally seen above and in his car crash appearance on The One Show just a few months before.


5. Tom Cruise vs. Matt Lauer (2005)

Speaking of actors with previous in making a tit of themselves on telly, enter Tom Cruise. Not satisfied with his sofa-surfing appearance on Oprah that made him look like an E-number addled toddler, one month later Cruise went on The Today Show to have another go at plugging his latest film. And yet, last time we checked, War of the Worlds isn't about Brooke Shields, Scientology or drugging children.


6. Meg Ryan vs. Michael Parkinson (2003)

Before becoming a Hollywood actress, Meg Ryan trained to be a journalist. Excellent! That means she has an empathy for the craft, insight into what they're after and always be on top form in interviews, right? Oh...


7. Crispin Glover vs. David Letterman (1987)

Some 30 years since he started, David Letterman could quite easily have his very own list of awkward celebrity encounters. With Letterman's dry, sarcastic tone paired with the entitled, marauding ego of celebrities, many have come off looking mighty stupid when daring to lock horns with the American chat show host.

In the curious case of Crispin Glover however, all Letterman had to do was sit back and dodge the flying kicks. Even now, no-one knows for certain whether Back to the Future's Glover was acting or tripping on acid at the time.



8. Kristen Stewart vs. David Letterman (2010)

Another Letterman episode, another red-faced celebrity. This time it's Twilight's queen of cringeworthy interviews, Kristen Stewart. But, instead of talking vampires or her relationship with co-star Robert Pattinson, the one (we really wish wasn't) known as K-Stew chooses to gush about her love of wolves, which, frankly, was never going to turn out well was it?


9. Joaquin Phoenix vs. David Letterman (2009)

Completing a Letterman hat-trick, Joaquin Phoenix's scary, dishevelled Late Show appearance made global headlines in 2009, as the bearded actor-cum-rapper seemed to be having something of a breakdown live on television. Though it was later revealed to be faked for Phoenix's ballsy mockumentary I'm Still Here, Letterman (and the world) were fooled and disturbed in equal measure at the time.


10. Sean Connery vs. Barbara Walters (1987)

His place as the finest actor ever to sip 007's shaken martini is one of cinema's great debates, but one thing we can all agree on is that Sean Connery has some dodgy views on how to treat women. After confessing to Playboy in the '60s that he felt "an open handed slap is justified" in an argument, you'd think he'd distance himself from such nonsense when it came up again, over 20 years later? Right? Wrong.

11. Robert Downey Jr Vs Krishnan Guru-Murthy (2015)

Super celebrity aggravator, Krishnan Guru-Murthy ofChannel 4 News. A man that should really know better when it comes to upsetting his interview subjects but judging by this Robert Downey Jr car crash from earlier this year he's learned nothing from his mistakes.