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Tom Hiddleston has apologised for his awkward Golden Globes speech

The poor actor caves in to internet outrage

Tom Hiddleston has apologised for his awkward Golden Globes speech
10 January 2017

If we’ve learned anything from the last 12 months of Tom Hiddleston, it’s that he’s probably really nice but that his Hollywood game is weak, exposing him to embarrassment.

As seen in his speech at the Golden Globes, when he won Best Actor in a Mini-Series for The Night Managerwhich raised a few confused eyebrows.

After receiving his award, he shared a story of an experience he had in Sudan while doing charity work for UNICEF. In it, he talks of how proud it made him that Doctors Without Borders came up to him and told him that they had binge watched the show while being shelled:

To be fair, his point was that he wanted to dedicate the award to those who are working to fix our world. He used his platform to address issues a world away from Hollywood’s lavish black tie affairs. He also appeared grateful for his award.

Regardless, Twitter launched an attack, calling it self-indulgent wankery and urging him to take a cue from Meryl Streep:

The A-list audience had a few reactions of their own:

And so Hiddles, even though he had all the right intentions, has had to publicly apologise for being a bumbling Brit in Hollywood (didn’t Hugh Grant make a career out of that?). He explains that he was nervous and that he didn’t express himself as eloquently as he’d hoped:

Don’t worry, Tom, at least it wasn’t as bad as that t-shirt your ex made you wear, which is the only thing we think you need to apologise for.