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Tiny food gallery

You'd need a million courses to fill you up

Tiny food gallery
11 November 2010

We know we live in an age of government cuts, but these beyond miniscule food items are just ridiculous. And by ridiculous we mean two massive thumbs up.

The work of Los Angeles-based artist Jessica Hlavac, her foodstuffs range from impossibly tiny tacos and bread rolls to miniature ice cream and fortune cookies.

Seemingly the product of a furtive why-the-hell-not? mindset, Hlavac uses polymer clay (rolled out from a pasta machine), pastels and varnish as raw products to create her handmade meals and finishes them off with razor blades, sandpaper, toothbrushes, baby wipes, sewing needles and a whole lot more besides. For scale she then places her titchy cheeseboards and barely-there sushi against grapes and small coins, so the more cynical out there can fully comprehend the sheer microscopic size.

The level of patience and dedication that must have gone into creating this mini menus is something to which we can only aspire, but, needless to say, we wholeheartedly endorse such wilful pursuits.

You can find out more about her Lilliputian foods at her illuminating i'm so tiny blog.

Tiny food: bread

Tiny food: cheeseboard

Tiny food: dumplings

Tiny food: fortune cookies

Tiny food: grapefruit

Tiny food: ice cream

Tiny food: ice cream

Tiny food: lemon pie

Tiny food: mango

Tiny food: meatball sub

Tiny food: pancakes

Tiny food: sashimi

Tiny food: sashimi

Tiny food: tacos

Tiny food: twinkie cup cake