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This surprising job could make you an extra ten grand a year

The ultimate side hustle

This surprising job could make you an extra ten grand a year
19 February 2019

Everyone’s talking about side hustles these days: monetising a blog, starting your own small business in your front room. They sound great – doing something creative and making some extra money. What’s not to like?

But it turns out, in all your haste to create an epoch-defining podcast series, you hadn’t thought about one option. And it turns that option is prettttty, pretty lucrative. 

According to pet sitting and dog walking company Rover – you may be able to see what’s coming here, yes – one of the most lucrative side hustles out there is…dog walking. Surprise!

It says that adding dog walking to your normal work schedule could earn you an extra £9,200 a year – not to be sniffed at. 

This only really applies if you work from home or have flexible hours – to reach the £9,200, you’d have to do three walks a day, three days a week, so if you have a 9 to 5 you’re unlikely to reach those heady heights. 

Your new best mate (and money maker)

But if you’re one of the 40% of people in the UK who does spend time on a side hustle, you could do worse than adding dog walking to the list (especially because it involves, yknow, dogs). 

“With living costs constantly increasing, it’s no surprise that Brits are taking up side hustles to earn some extra cash,” says Christopher Cederskog, general manager at Rover.

“The extra income that dog walking can provide can help parents, students, retirees or others paying off debts to save up for house projects, holidays or pick up extra hobbies. What’s more, it’s an enjoyable way of increasing your income and we look forward to welcoming more side sitters in the future as the trend takes hold.”

Earning money AND hanging out with dogs? We’re in, baby! 

Image: Unsplash