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This robot is much better at iPad games than you

But it still can't play Rachmaninoff

This robot is much better at iPad games than you

Reaction times of a snake, eh? Hand-to-eye coordination that's won you the family Christmas Bop-It Championship six years running? 

Move aside, you filthy casual. Denver Finn has a robotic creation that's about to make your Flappy Bird high score look infantile.

His robot has just claimed a (potentially) unbreakable record for the hugely addictive app game Piano Tiles 2 - a reaction-based game that requires players to tap falling piano keys before the reach they bottom of the screen.

Finn wired up an iPhone 6 Plus to watch his iPad screen, processing information on the speed of the falling tiles and translating this into actions to 'stepper drivers', controlled by a Teensy 3.2 computer. The results are staggering.

Here's hoping he builds a full 88 stepper version and rattles through some Rachmaninoff in three minutes...