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This is how terrifying VR horror games are

We don't think we'll be in a hurry to play this...

This is how terrifying VR horror games are

Remember the first time you threw a controller at the telly in fear? That chilling encounter in Resident Evil that robbed you of sleep for the better part of a week?

It's got nothing on the frankly trouser-ruining potential of the latest line of VR tech.

Take The Brookhaven Experiment - one of the first horror titles to arrive on the hugely impressive HTC Vive, a VR headset with camera equipment that builds a 'virtual stage' for you to play in, like Star Trek's holodeck. The game sees you defend a single position from waves of grizzly monsters, armed with nothing but a pistol and a flash light.

Norwegian video game developer Karl Hermit filmed his friend Renate giving the new title a spin.

We don't think she'll be playing it again in a hurry...