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This brainless Tory Councillor wants Remainers to be tried for treason

Brexit just got real

This brainless Tory Councillor wants Remainers to be tried for treason

Other than a massive collapse in the pound, entire schemes being instantly shelved, the near-removal of Marmite from shelves, and a truly terrifying rise in hate crime across Britain, it's fair to say that barely anything has changed since June's EU Referendum.

Okay, so it's been awful, resulting in a lot more people voicing their anger at Brexit. Well, this has not sat well with Conservative Councillor 'Christian Holliday', ward member for Burpham, who has sought to eradicate this unhealthy dissent with a simple proposal:

Yes, a Tory councilor called Christian Holliday wants to make it treason not to support Brexit. And he needs your help.

But before you go and click that button and lend the man your support, a few things:

1. Turns out you can't be hanged, drawn and quartered for treason anymore - which will no doubt be of great disappointment to all 312 signatories of Holliday's petition so far - you just get plain old imprisoned for life.

2. This guy's name is 'Christian Holliday'. If you were writing any piece of fiction and had to come up with a name for a Little Englander politician who gets so irate about Brexit he wants people to be arrested for it, 'Christian Holliday' is so perfect, so on-the-nose, that you'd have to scratch it. Christian Holliday, probably driving a gigantic emissions-leaking Rover around Surrey, probably distributing St George's Crosses and tearing down EU flags, his irate veins probably popping all over his skull, probably having a hotline to TalkSport where he rants endlessly on the PC Brigade ruining everything, probably believing an orchestrated cabal of meddling immigrants are scheming to ban his beloved Christmas. And now, Christian Holliday is on a one-man crusade to make it literally illegal to not support Brexit. And he's real.

3. He is ward member for Burpham. 'Burpham'.

4. Burpham is a real place.