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Thief jailed for fake GP letter

Dear Majistrate...

Thief jailed for fake GP letter
29 November 2011

Anyone who's forged a letter from their parents in school will know that there is a very fine art to this sort of deception.

Once school ends, forgery becomes something altogether different. First, it's much more difficult and second, more importantly, it's a crime.

With seemingly zero experience, 41-year-old Maria Jordan decided to give it a go after failing to turn up to court twice for community order breaches, following a conviction for theft. The criminal mastermind, who works in KFC, claimed she had been involved in a car crash and faked a letter from her GP to confirm this.

However, the letter, seen below, was spotted as a forgery right away, thanks to no letterhead, bad spelling and an over-use of capitals. She has now been jailed for three months for perverting the course of justice. Or as she would say, justiss.

(Images: Rex Features, Archant)