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These are the sweariest artists, songs & genres in music

Mind your language

These are the sweariest artists, songs & genres in music
Danielle de Wolfe
18 January 2016

We were once told that "Swearing is simply a demonstration of a lack of vocabulary" by an English teacher.

But sometimes, when you're making music about real life, and real talk, only a good old f-bomb will do the trick.

Music streaming service Deezer has analysed its catalogue of more than 35 million tracks to identify the most foul-mouthed artists, songs and genres in its collection.

Read on to find out who really needs to wash their mouth out with soap and water.

Top Sweary Artists

Lil Wayne comes out top of the pile in this category, swearing away to his heart's content in a great number of his songs over the course of 12 albums. Meanwhile, Snoop may be an experienced wildlife presenter now, but that doesn't stop him taking the runners-up position - presumably his early work put a serious marker down. Jay Z takes third place in this competition - so this is one area that he doesn't take the Throne in.

1. Lil Wayne
2. Snoop Dogg
3. Jay Z
4. 2Pac
5. DMX
6. Eminem
7. Rick Ross
8. Busta Rhymes
9. 50 Cent
10. Ice Cube

Top Sweary Albums

Mickey Avalon's self-titled glam rap record takes the crown in this hotly-contested category, with his debut featuring a frankly astonishing 3,094 curse words. 2Pac takes both the silver and bronze medals, with a further two entries in the top 10. If only he'd lived, he'd have probably smashed the 'sweariest artist' category, and that's probably what hurts his fans the most.

1. Mickey Avalon, Mickey Avalon – 3,094 curse words
2. All Eyez on Me (Dual Disc), 2Pac – 1,091 curse words
3. Until the End of Time, 2Pac – 800 curse words
4. Turn Up Why Turn Down, DJ Dallas Green – 779 curse words
5. All Eyes on Me, 2Pac – 752 curse words
6. R U Still Down? (Remember Me), 2Pac – 740 curse words
7. I Am Not a Human Being (Deluxe Edition), Lil Wayne – 722 curse words
8. Still Smokin and Leaned Out, Lil Wayne – 700 curse words
9. Anarchy, Busta Rhymes – 677 curse words
10. Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf, Game – 675 words

Top Sweary Genres

As if we weren't sure which genre features the most swearing - perhaps there was a particularly obscure strand of black-thrash-folktronica-Tanzanian-waltz that really loves a few c-bombs in their lyrics - the folks at Deezer have discovered that Rap is definitely the sweariest genre of music, with crude language featuring in 71.8 per cent of its music. Surprisingly, next up is Spoken Word - and we thought that was fairly refined.

1. Rap – 71.8 per cent
2. Spoken Word – 9.99 per cent
3. Electric – 6.64 per cent
4. Rock – 5.57 per cent
5. R&B – 5.31 per cent
6. Reggae – 5.06 per cent
7. Soundtrack – 2.14 per cent
8. Avant Garde – 2.03 per cent
9. Folk – 1.74 per cent
10. World – 1.35 per cent