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These are the questions the public REALLY want to ask the Queen

These might explain why she prefers to keep a low profile

These are the questions the public REALLY want to ask the Queen
20 April 2016

You've probably heard of Queen Elizabeth II. That woman off the stamps?

On 21 April 2016 the longest-lived British monarch turns the grand old age of 90 - frustrating Prince Charles with her seemingly indestructible endurance and edging ever closer to that bizarre moment when she sends herself a congratulatory 100th birthday message.

Despite her many years in service to the nation, most of us are yet to meet her majesty, meaning that we've been harbouring a number of questions we'd love to know the answer to.

Inspired by the news that she was once asked "Have you met the Queen?" by an American tourist, Eventbrite carried out a survey of some 2,000 subjects (/peasants) as to what they'd most like to enquire of her majesty. 

These might explain why she prefers to keep a low profile...

"Ask about her horses"

That's it. Just ask about her horses.

"What do you do?"

We like to think this question would be delivered with the most passive-aggressive tone possible. By Jeremy Corbyn. 

"Are you still here?"

Sassy or existential? Either way, we'd love to know the answer. 

"Can I have my money back?"

It doesn't really work like that...

"Can your family adopt me please?"

See George's little face? He's laughing at you. Laughing at you and your relative poverty. 

"Do the corgis pee much in the throne room?"


"Well, you know corgis. They always pee a bit. Is the problem endemic?"

"Do you believe in democracy?"

*Awkward silence*

"Do you have an arrest warrant?"


"Do you like scrumpy?"

Well, do you?

"Do you wear lounge clothes?"

Joggers and a crown.

"Favourite horse?"

"That one."


"How are you & Phillip?"

"You know... how are you? In yourselves?"

"How do you feel about the way the country is now?"

As opposed to when? 

"I'd ask her if she owns a pair of skinning about the palace trousers?"

Yep. She wears them for every Christmas speech. Honest. 

"What is your biggest regret?"

Letting you ask these questions, probably.

"What is your favourite railway journey?"

We like how specific this one is.

"Paddington to Didcot Parkway."


No nonsense. 

"What toilet roll do you use?"

You just missed a cracking opportunity for a 'royal throne' pun. We're disappointed in you.

"What's your favourite way to relax and unwind?"

Spending an evening with her favourite horse, apparently. 

"Where do you keep your philosopher's stone?"

For anyone who hasn't read the Harry Potter series... actually, this is still a moronic question no matter what books you've read. 

"Why don't you sort out the Government?"

Again, we're not totally sure you understand what she does...




(Images: Rex)