Remembering the many, many times Theresa May said she wouldn't call a snap election

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Emily Reynolds

Consider, if you will, these tweets. 

Then consider this.


So: hm. I mean: the first tweets say that Theresa May had said no to a snap election. All caps no, in fact. NO to a snap election. But also she’s definitely called a snap election, hasn’t she. She’s definitely called a snap election.

It’s almost like – and bear with me on this one – it’s almost like Theresa May was having us on when she REPEATEDLY said there wasn’t going to be a snap election.

June, 2016: “there should be no general election until 2020”.

September, 2016: “I’m not going to be calling a snap election”.

October, 2016: “a general election before 2020 would cause instability”.

March, 2017: “there is not going to be a general election”.