The worst ever game show contest ever just appeared on The Chase


We’ve all been there. Someone puts you on the spot with a really easy question and for some reason your mind decides it hates you and hides the answer behind pictures of cats being scared by cucumbers.

Except, for most of us, it doesn’t happen in front of Bradley Walsh on ITV’s The Chase.

For one contestant - Hannah, a 19-year-old student from West Sussex – her mind didn’t just decide it hated her but that it was tired of life inside her head and wanted to end it all.

There were red flags from the very start with poor old Hannah – who said she studied French and Italian at Bath University – when she could only manage to say ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Ciao’ when Walsh asked her to say ‘Hello Brad, it’s a pleasure being on The Chase’ in both languages.

Then Hannah failed to answer perhaps the easiest question ever written for a quiz.

Walsh asked: “The Attenborosaurus dinosaur was named in honour of which TV naturalist?”

Hannah replied: “Oh, um, pass”.

Obviously, she failed to answer a single question correctly and her struggles were even picked up by famous intellectuals Ant and Dec:

Leave poor Hannah alone Ant - anyway, we thought you were blind. 

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