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The Vote Leave campaign has seriously misled a lot of people

The Vote Leave campaign has seriously misled a lot of people

The Vote Leave campaign has seriously misled a lot of people
08 June 2016
In? Out? Shaking your poll card all about?
Given the amount of hypotheticals surrounding the Brexit and Remain arguments, prospective voters might feel as if they’ve already done the electorate version of the hokey cokey.
While all might be fair in love and war, as they say, it appears one of the camps has just crossed the line, committing an almighty blunder in a sneaky attempt to win votes.
The Independent

Just one hitch: filling the form in with name, address and other personal details didn’t register anyone to vote – it merely sent all the user’s details to Vote Leave.

Once made aware of this dubious process, Vote Remain’s Nicky Morgan was said to have written to the Electoral Commission to make them aware of the leave campaign’s ‘underhand tactics’, while Labour MP Stella Creasy did the same:

It has come to our attention that Vote Leave appear to have paid for online advertising to ensure that their campaign website regarding registration is promoted ahead of the government website that directly enables citizens to register to vote.

This website does not enable people to register, and therefore could easily mislead people in to thinking that they have secured their ballot paper.
By securing a ranking for this site higher than the official registration site, Vote Leave’s underhand tactics could disenfranchise citizens without their knowledge who have in good faith used this site to try to register.

Can you hear that? It’s Emily Pankhurst rolling in her grave.