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The Viralist

The Viralist

The Viralist

We've partnered up with those intrepid online explorers at The Poke to uncover the very best the Internet has to offer in order to save you the trouble. Here's today's...

January 10th

Scientists Discover 180 Species of Glowing Fish (Wired)

Map of Area Codes Within Which Ludacris Claims to Have Hoes (Twisted Sifter)

The Physics Behind Why Sausages Split Lengthways (Gizmodo)

The US Navy's Oldest and Oddest Vessel (Visual News)

The World's Largest Living Feline (Geekologie)

January 9th

David Attenborough Reddit AMA (Reddit)

People Standing On Their Heads But Wearing Their Clothes Upside Down (Tumblr)

When Rap Ruled The World (Deadspin)

Most Humble Business Card Ever (Kotaku)

The Most Frustrating Thing In The World (Imgur)

January 8th

Amazon Critics (Tumblr)

Couple Tries to Tip Waitress with Crystal Meth (Gawker)

The Perfect Cardboard Box (Design Taxi)

Disturbing Nicolas Cage Fan Art (Flavorwire)

Twitter Critics Trailer for Muppets Most Wanted (YouTube)

January 7th

Your Brain Is What Makes Broken Escalators Dangerous (io9)

10 Weirdest Japanese Flavours of Toothpaste (Inventor Spot)

Elderly Couple Run a Marathon a Day for a Whole Year (Oddity Central)

Artist Carves Entire Alphabet Into Set of Crayons (Twisted Sifter)

Male Sticklebacks Are Audacious Risk-takers (Wired)

January 6th

Audio/Visual Palindromic Film (io9)

Timelapse of Beer Fermenting (Eater)

Carberry Snaps His Cricket Bat In Two (YouTube)

The Selfie Olympics (Twitter)

Physicists Fail To Find Time Travellers Online (Wired)

January 3rd

The Objects In Space That We Really Can't Explain (io9)

Every flagpole from Super Mario Bros (Kotaku)

Theses Explained In One Sentence (

Man Creates Amazing Paintings Using Excel (DeMilked)

Animal Speaking Voice Graph (Imgur)

January 2nd

Happy New Year From The Muppets (YouTube)

5 Gmail Tips Everyone Should Know (Huffington Post)

10 Minutes of Football To Forget (Twitter)

Dubai's Record Setting NYE Firework Display (Laughing Squid)

Truck Made Of Ice That You Can Actually Drive (Design Taxi)

December 23rd

Reimagination of the piano keyboard (Design Taxi)

10 Best SNL Skits of 2013 (Flavorwire)

The Most Incredible PC Mod of All-time (Kotaku)

Awesomely Geeky Gingerbread Houses (Neatorama)

LL Cool J vs The Wurzels

December 20th

The 100 Greatest Action Movie One-Liners (Gawker)

Scientists Boil Water in Less Than a Trillionth of a Second (Gizmodo)

Jimi Hendrix Dressed As Santa Claus (Neatorama)

Sewer Fishing (Oddity Central)

The Auteurs Of Christmas (YouTube)

December 19th

Late Contender For Headline of The Year (Twitter)

Cat Fails At Being a Cat (Tumblr)

How Nathan Barley Predicted The Future (Buzzfeed)

Reverse Aircraft Carrier (Imgur)

The Perfect Solution to Obnoxiously Loud Public Mobile Phone Conversations (Gawker)

December 18th

The British Accent Quiz (Us vs Th3m)

Plastic Bank Notes Coming in 2016 (Gizmodo)

Banksy's Christmas Card (Imgur)

Cartoonist and His Cat Drawn in Over 100 Hundred Different Styles (io9)

A Cat's Revenge (YouTube)

December 17th

The Return of Ali G? (Imgur)

Essential Roof Rack (Imgur)

Dogecoin - the new Bitcoin (The Verge)

The Most Hated Pop Cultural Icons of 2013 (Flavorwire)

The Gnome Roses (Twitter)

December 16th

Strangest Passage of Football Play Ever (YouTube)

Photographs That Will Leave You Speechless (Imgur)

Would You Spend a Year In Bed? (io9)

Drum Trousers (Visual News)

Rat Provides Ultimate Life Metaphor (YouTube)

December 13th

Keeper Combat (YouTube)

Best Detention Slips Ever (Imgur)

Green Lightning (Medium)

Sculpture of Al Pacino Made From Matchsticks (Oddity Central)

Alien Facehugger Winter Mask (Geekologie)

December 12th

Casting a Fire Ant Colony With Molten Aluminium (Nola)

Brand Santa (Quietroom)

Desktop Siege Engines (Fast CoDesign)

Incredible Bulk Section (Imgur)

Architectural Breakthroughs That Changed The World (io9)

December 11th

Best Early Day Motion Ever (

Happiest Man Alive (Imgur)

Amazing Bird-cam Videos (io9)

Led Zeppelin Finally Coming to Spotify (Gizmodo)

Star Wars-themed Beers (Design Taxi)

December 10th

USB Vacuum Cleaner (Gizmodo)

Meme Trading Cards (Neatorama)

Photos of Musicians Wearing T-Shirts of Acts They Influenced (Laughing Squid)

Kangaroo Playing Air Guitar (Imgur)

Brilliant Alternate James Bond Posters (Flavorwire)

December 9th

When Not to Double-Barrel Your Name (Locksleynet)

Brilliant Notes From Kids (Viralnova)

Genius Book-Reading Accessory (Imgur)

Can of Air for £5 (Gizmodo)

Life-size Gingerbread House (Oddity Central)

December 6th

Double Volcano Eruption Seen From Space (io9)

Darth Fader (Twitter)

You Had One Job Robin (Imgur)

Amazing time lapse of the Earth from the ISS (YouTube)

Brilliant Upside-down Umbrella (The Verge)

December 5th

10 People That Made The World a Better Place (Twisted Sifter)

Ronan Keating Will Be Voice of Postman Pat (

Simplifying The Synthesizer (Humans Invent)

US Military Lingo Explained (Kotaku)

Star Wars Snowflakes (Wired)

December 4th

3D Paving (Imgur)

Definitive Pop Mashup of 2013 (YouTube)

Charting the Popularity of Tech Through Hip Hop Lyrics (Gizmodo)

Supercut of Archery in Films (Laughing Squid)

The Clicking Languages of South Africa (Oddity Central)

December 3rd

Most Middle-class Petition Ever (Twitter)

World Memory Champion Can't Remember Things (YouTube)

Light-Bending Cube of One-Way Mirrors (Twisted Sifter)

Lake Monsters of America (Laughing Squid)

Best Christmas Decoration Ever (Twitter)

December 2nd

Best Non-league Goal Ever (YouTube)

Study Proves Cats Don't Care (io9)

Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney Doing The Dishes (Imgur)

Brilliant KFC Christmas Advert (YouTube)

Twitter's Favourite Fake Feeds (Wired)

November 29th

Great Idea For a TV Show (Twitter)

Goats In Sweaters (Design Taxi)

Bears Acting Like Humans (YouTube)

Brazil's World Cup Instrument (Wired)

Excellent Food Art (Visual News)

November 28th

Background Actors Who Have No Idea What They're Doing (Imgur)

Toys Confiscated From Schoolchildren Over The Last 30 Years (Twitter)

Body Piercing Controls Wheelchair (BBC)

Unique Lighting Instructions For Band (Twitter)

Paper Boy 3: The Movie (Kotaku)

November 27th

Breaking Bad Caricatures (Design Taxi)

I'm Not Sure This Was What They Meant (Twitter)

Prince William Sings With Taylor Swift & Jon Bon Jovi (BBC)

Iron Man Costume Made Of Balloons (Imgur)

Only in Australia (Instagram)

November 26th

Slightly Wrong Quotes On T-Shirts (Tumblr)

James Franco and Seth Rogan Parody the Kanye Video (YouTube)

Angry Birds HDMI Connectors (Amazon)

Natural Trampoline (io9)

Six New Mega Airports (Gizmodo)

November 25th

Every Public Place Named After JFK (Gizmodo)

Luxury Cat Hotel (Design Taxi)

Falcao Really Not Happy About Being Substituted (YouTube)

Batman Thanksgiving (Nerd Approved)

10 Legendary Celebrity Parties (Neatorama)

November 22nd

Zach Braff Photobombs Wedding Photo (Imgur)

Thanksgiving Awards: In Memoriam (YouTube)

Cats On Shirts (Design Taxi)

Car With Built-in Fish Tank (Neatorama)

Banana Dolphins In a Sea of Grapes (Imgur)

November 21st

Buy An Entire Printed Wikipedia (Twitter)

Volcano Creates New Japanese Island (The Verge)

Dad-proof remote controls (Huffington Post)

Home Is Where... (Imgur)

Cat Selfies (

November 20th

Facebook May Have More Dead Members Than Alive By 2060 (What If)

Best 'Sorry I Missed You' Card Ever (Twitter)

R Kelly Album Cover Art is Suitably Classy (Popjustice)

Golfer Hits Himself With Own Shot (YouTube)

Every Single Death in Game of Thrones Marked in the Books (Twitter)

November 19th

World's Tallest Water Slide Under Construction (Imgur)

Leonardo Da Vinci's Piano Design Heard For The First Time (The Age)

Byran Cranston's Heisenberg Cuff Links (Kut)

World's Longest Wooden Sculpture (Colossal)

What the Xbox One Controller Could Have Looked Like (Venture Beat)

November 18th

Animated Covers of Jazz Records (Vimeo)

Star Wars Notebooks (Design Taxi)

Brilliant Thor Bus Stop Ad (Twitter)

Historical Icon Instagrams (Histagrams)

Genius Pringles Dispenser (Foodbeast)

November 15th

Sign of the Day (Twitter)

30 Hilarious Street Posters (Just Something)

This Will Blow Your Mind (Twitter)

Unbuilt Highways Across New York (Vanshnookenraggen)

Greatest Soviet Propaganda Posters (io9)

November 14th

Taxi-Driving Pastor Offers Confessions on the Go (Oddity Central)

Mariah Carey Compares Nicki Minaj To Satan (Guardian)

Brilliant Political Cartoons From 2013 (Buzzfeed)

Firefighters Called To Deal With Hot Potato (Bedfordshire News)

Guns Replaced by Thumbs (Blogspot)

November 13th

How a Sewing Machine Works in a GIF (The Atlantic)

Oscar The Grouch vs Grumpy Cat (YouTube)

World's Most Incredible Balconies (io9)

Sweden Closing Prisons Due To Lack of Demand (Gizmodo)

Dogs Acting Like Humans (YouTube)

November 12th

Casually Dressed Egyptian God (Twitter)

What Happens When a Football Game's Physics Engine Glitches Out (Us vs Th3m)

The Worst Martial Artists In The World (Kotaku)

Order Pizza With The Press Of One Button (Foodbeast)

What Does Michael J. Fox Say? (YouTube)

November 11th

Local News Story of the day (Twitter)

Pedestrian Dog (YouTube)

Daft Punk & Ron Burgundy Riding a Bicycle in Amsterdam (Twitter)

Morrissey To Release Lou Reed Cover (NME)

Artist Nails Testicles To The Ground (Guardian)

November 8th

Fake English Town in Shanghai (Buzzfeed)

Amazing Kid Keepy-Uppy (YouTube)

Philosophical Computer (Imgur)

Gigantic Human Organs Made Of Glass (Twisted Sifter)

5-Year-Old Geography Expert (io9)

November 7th

Arty B*****ks Generator

Bernie Ecclestone Struggles With Door (YouTube)

Cat Being Awesome (Tumblr)

Headline of the Day (Twitter)

Famous Paintings With 21st Century Gadgets (Bored Panda)

November 6th

Twitter Bio Generator

Open Auditions For Star Wars (BBC)

Canadian Furry Mascot Attacked (YouTube)

T-Shirt of the Year (Imgur)

Jurassic Park Recreated In Real Life (io9)

November 5th

If All The Ice Melted (National Geographic)

Hasselhoff Sings The Fresh Prince Theme Tune (Vimeo)

London's Garden Bridge Design Unveiled (Wired)

Bizarrely Useless Objects (Visual News)

Saber Tooth Tiger (Imgur)

November 4th

Drunk Teenagers Steal Circus Llama & Take Him On The Subway (DailyDot)

Nobody Dies after Two Planes Full of Skydivers Crash in the Air (Atlantic Wire)

Thesaurus Club (Twitter)

Chess 2: The Sequel (Eurogamer)

Simpsons Tribute To Marcia Wallace (Twitter)

November 1st

Unfortunate Exhibition Of The Week (Twitter)

Kirsty Wark Dances To Thriller On Newsnight (BBC)

Deadmau5 Pumpkin (Twitter)

14 Common Words That Didn't Exist 20 Years Ago (io9)

Canyon Of Fire On the Sun (Twisted Sifter)

October 31st

Five Players Sent-Off In Mass Brawl (YouTube)

Karma (YouTube)

Unintentionally Scary Children's TV Characters (Digital Spy)

Selfies At Funerals (Tumblr)

Little Girl Dresses Up As All Eleven Doctor Whos (Laughing Squid)

October 30th

David Moyes Photobomb (101 Great Goals)

10 Completely Untrue Pop Culture Urban Legends (Flavorwire)

Best Substitution Ever (Twitter)

Worst University Video Ever (YouTube)

Virgin Wins At Flight Safety Videos (YouTube)

October 29th

Lithuanian Football Match In A Swamp (YouTube)

Halloween Costume Bingo (Laughing Squid)

The World's Strangest Gardens (io9)

A Real Lost World (Gizmodo)

Animals Riding Animals (YouTube)

October 28th

Scroll Down To Riker

Sea Lion Steals Fish (YouTube)

10 Incredible DIY Castles (Gizmodo)

Twitter Job Interview (Robin Flavell)

A-Z Of Modern Office Jargon (Guardian)

October 25th

The Ref Strikes Back (YouTube)

Cat Curling (Imgur)

The Weirdest Foods You Can Actually Eat (io9)

226 Clichés On The Katy Perry Album (Gawker)

Beard of the Year (Imgur)

October 24th

Five Essential Knots Everyone Should Know (Gizmodo)

Hardest Golf Shot In The World (Neatorama)

England's 'Team Of The Future' Not Quite As Predicted (Twitter)

Robot Leg Makeup (Imgur)

Superheroes Reimagined As Manatees (Design Taxi)

October 23rd

Gif Of The Day

Chart Of The Day

Metallica To Play in Antarctica (Guardian)

Death Star Pumpkin (Imgur)

Best Fancy Dress Costume Ever (Deadspin)

October 22nd

Super Mario CV (Design Taxi)

10 Bizarre TV Conspiracy Theories (Flavorwire)

Life Hacks That Don't Actually Make Your Life Better (Gizmodo)

Alternative Morrissey Book Covers (Guardian)

Honest Slogans

October 21st

GIF Of That Arsenal Goal At The Weekend

Lady Gaga & R Kelly=Excellent (Popjustice)

Fastest Goal in MLS History (YouTube)

Enraging Things Only Politicians Say (Buzzfeed)

Cool Haunted Hotel Posters (io9)

October 18th

Buzzfeed Articles Without GIFs (Tumblr)

Trailer for Shaun Ryder's UFO TV Show (NME)

Lady Gaga Muppet Special On Way (Variety)

That's Not How You Pipette (Tumblr)

BBC's Nick Robinson Not Starring in Jurassic World (Den of Geek)

October 17th

Musical Notation Described by Cats (Tumblr)

This Year's Best Wildlife Photography (io9)

Never Gonna Give You Up In Klingon (Neatorama)

Game of Thrones Bad Lip Reading (YouTube)

Steve Wonder Superstition remixed by Todd Terje (Soundcloud)

October 16th

Coronation Street Fighter (Jim'll Paint It)

Hipster Merkel (Tumblr)

Students Take Eric Pickles Cardboard Cutout On American Roadtrip (

Crazy-Rich Serbian Bachelor Shows Off On The Internet To Find A Bride (Bored Panda)

Wrong Watermelon To Steal (Imgur)

October 15th

12 Cardboard Boxes That Look Like David Cameron (Buzzfeed)

Stegotortoise (Twitter)

Diamond Rain on Saturn And Jupiter (BBC)

The New Rebecca Black Is Here (YouTube)

The Human-sized Salamander That Smells Like Pepper (Wired)

October 14th

The Tom Hanks Hair Quiz (Vulture)

The pillow that lets you nap anywhere (Designboom)

The first new Star Wars character of the Disney era (io9)

Country borders as seen from space (Slightly Warped)

Texting girls Drake lyrics (Sick Chirpse)

October 11th

Cat Attacks Horse (YouTube)

4.6m notes in under 4 minutes (The Verge)

Sign petition to get a statue of Wiley in Bow (

20 Years Since Do I Not Like That (YouTube)

The 29 Stages of a Twitterstorm (Buzzfeed)

October 10th

Know Your Shades of Corporate Blue (Colin Gourley)

Oreo-Breaded Deep-Fried Cookie Ice Cream (Boing Boing)

Miley's Twerkball (Twerkball)

Most Performed Songs On The X-Factor (Buzzfeed)

IKEA or Death Metal Band (

October 9th

Archeological Sites Destroyed By Stupid Humans (io9)

Duffin Scandal (Design Taxi)

Bizarre end to boxing match (Liveleak)

Pumpkin Pi (Imgur)

Super Tory Boy (Us Vs Th3m)

October 8th

Cookie Monster on Newsnight (YouTube)

Japanese Technology Miles Ahead (Imgur)

Not Selling Ski Lifts is an Abuse of Human Rights (Washington Post)

Unfortunate Billboard Placement (Twitter)

Kanye Interviewed Remixed (NME)

October 7th

The Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife has 100 functions (Juxtapoz)

The WildCat Four-Legged Robot Can Run 16mph (YouTube)

Landscapes built entirely out of food (Demilked)

Banksy Transforms Truck into Mobile Garden (Laughing Squid)

Helm's Deep Recreated with 150,000 Lego Bricks (io9)

October 4th

The Brilliant 'Next Floor' Short Film (Short of the Week)

Nasa Pick Apart the Gravity Trailer (Ars Technica)

Video Game Characters Made Out of Meat (Kotaku)

Amazing Animal Chairs (Design Taxi)

The World's Most Complicated Sand Castle (

October 3rd

Quit Video Company Responds (YouTube)

Charge Your Mobile Phone With Lightning (Design Taxi)

Ryanair Training Video (YouTube)

Banksy Joins Instagram (Instagram)

Sinead Writes to Miley (Music-Mix)

October 2nd

Picture of China's Killer Hornets (The Daily Mirror)

Inspiring short animation about a Boxer and a Moth (Short of the Week)

Seven Brillaint Desk Alternatives (Designer Daily)

Face blends of Star Trek original actors with new (Laughing Squid)

Emergency Service Photos From Times Gone By (io9)

October 1st

See-Through Car (Imgur)

Eleven Words with No English Equivalent (Visual News)

Best way to quit a job (YouTube)

Amazing Cliffside Walkways (io9)

L'ego de Triomphe (Imgur)

September 30th

1.26 Billion Facebook Profiles On One Page (Kotaku)

If Rappers Were Copywriters (Design Taxi)

Underwater Waterfall Illusion (Twisted Sifter)

Arnie's Still Got It (Imgur)

How the Sagrada Familia Will Look (The Verge)

September 27th

Dog Log (Imgur)

Gif Of Laying An Undersea Cable (Imgur)

Bizarre Products To Simplify Daily Life (Design Taxi)

Guns 'n' Roses Guzheng Cover (YouTube)

Pimp My Bunk Bed (Imgur)

September 26th

Dating Catch Of The Year (Jezebel)

Chewbacca Walnut (Twitter)

Picture Of Elvis Made From Dice (Imgur)

Spy Animals Of The Cold War (Smithsonian)

Photos Taken A Split-Second Before Disaster (Imgur)

September 25th

Penalty Recovery (PaddyPower)

Most Extreme Buildings Ever (io9)

Incredible Supercell in Montana (Imgur)

Toast Perfume (Design Taxi)

Top Folding (Imgur)

September 24th

This Lucky Guy Met The EA Sports Man (YouTube)

Apology Of The Year (Twitter)

Politician Scuffles With Protester (Twitter)

Slide Tackle With Your Head (YouTube)

Evolution Of The Tube Logo (DesignTaxi)

September 23rd

Funniest Voicemail Ever (YouTube)

Cucumber Whale (Imgur)

Over-confident Goalkeeper (YouTube)

16-Foot Star Wars AT-ST Replica (Geektyrant)

Giant Partying Aardvark (My Modern Met)

September 20th

Game of Thrones Meets Sesame Street (themarysue)

Juggling Otter (YouTube)

Sleepy Lords (tumblr)

Perspective (Imgur)

Irony (Twitter)

September 19th

Castle Remembers It Can't Swim (Twitter)

Close-Ups of Arthropods (Twisted Sifter)

Does the Human Population Alter Gravity? (Wired)

Jabba The Grass (Imgur)


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