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The Superhero Height Chart

The Superhero Height Chart

The Superhero Height Chart
Danielle de Wolfe
12 August 2014

Here’s a line-up no villainous fortress could contain. Nor want to for that matter.

A friendly neighbourhood Spider-man? Homicidal racoon? Norse demi-God? Just a smattering of the vigilantes and anti-heroes forming this superhero size chart, carefully plotted out by to put the lean figures of some of our beloved cartoon heroes into fresh perspective.

It throws up a few surprises, too. For one, Tony Stark’s clearly been adding a few extra inches to his metal suit. For another, the seemingly lanky Spidey barely meets eye level with Nick Fury, and, as for Wolverine being chucked in alongside a rodent and a duck – well, we can't imagine he'd be too happy.

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