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The Daily Mail thinks Chester is a fictional town

Come on guys

The Daily Mail thinks Chester is a fictional town

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". "People in greenhouses shouldn't throw stones".

Yes, we know we're not always perfect here on, and even we - paragons of accuracy that we are - have been known to make the odd mistake.

But we'd like to think we wouldn't announce to the world that the definitely-real-we've-been-there city of Chester was, in fact, a fictional place.

Highlighting the dangers of copying and pasting from Wikipedia, the Daily Mail website, running a predictably bikini-filled story (we read it so you don't have to) about actress Jorgie Porter, managed to announce to the world that Chester did not actually exist.

Naturally, on the Wikipedia entry for Hollyoaks, the following appears:

Oh dear.

The item was quickly changed:

But not before eagle-eyed commenters had pointed out their mistake.

Well done those people.

Naturally, the rest of the comment section would be filled with nice, helpful, useful musings and observations on life and the talented young actress' career?

Yeah, not so much.