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The Conservative press office tweeted a superb typo

A good lesson in the importance of re-reading your Tweets

The Conservative press office tweeted a superb typo

It's been an odd week in politics.

Jeremy Corbyn's shuffling of Labour's shadow cabinet threatens to plague the party with backstabbing, in-fighting and petty squabbles - a process you'd think the Conservative government would happily watch in smug silence from the sidelines. 

Not so.

The appointment of Finsbury MP Emily Thornberry (who has previously voiced criticism of the UK's nuclear deterrent, Trident) as shadow defence minister, saw the Tory press office offer this measured declaration...

The accusations of Labour looking to weaken Britain's defences came to a head during Wednesday's Prime Minister's Questions - which saw David Cameron draw attention to Thornberry's stance on Trident. 

But amidst the playground heckling that passes as UK democracy at work, the Conservative Press Office chipped in with a quote from Cameron on the state of the nation's inequality...

"Yeah! Have that, Labour!... sorry, what?" 

Safe to say the offending Tweet was deleted within minutes of being sent - but not before being grabbed by the keen eyes of The Independent

Someone looking after @CCHQ just revealed their true colours in triumph, or has just received an earful for poor typing skills.

[Via: i100]

(Image: Rex)


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