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The Black Keys burger

The Black Keys burger

The Black Keys burger
22 June 2014

Yeah, we're a bit confused by this as well.

Legendary burger joint Umami, previously behind the insane custard-soaked burger, has created a special, inspired by The Black Keys.

The Akron Burger, named after the band's hometown in Ohio, contains a beef patty, topped with Velveeta fondue (that's a processed American cheese), chopped onions, dill pickles covered in yellow mustard and 'secret' sauce.

It's part of their Burger to its Artist series, which has previously included an unfortunately titled Slash Burger, which boasted braised shiitake mushrooms, caramelised onions, American cheese, avocado spread, wasabi aioli and a parmesan crisp.

The burger is priced at $13 but for every one that's sold, $1 will be donated to The Black Keys Alfred McMoore Memorial Endowment Fund for people with mental illness.

The Akron Burger will be available at all Umami locations in the US while supplies last.

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