The best Prince tributes and reactions on social media and beyond


Mere moments after the news last night that Prince, one of the all-time greats of music, had died, the tributes came flooding in.

From contemporaries like Mick Jagger and Slash through to young artists who never had the chance to meet the legendary performer, celebrities flocked to social media to share their emotions, condolences and memories.

There were of course those who horribly misjudged the public mood and seemed to be trying to profit from the artist’s death – notable shout-outs go to brands including (but not limited to) Cheerios, 3M and Maker’s Mark. But on the whole, the reactions were truly heartfelt, and in many cases rather touching.

One thing that is obvious and undeniable from reading the comments below – from Barack Obama, Elton John, Madonna and, um, Kermit the Frog, among many others – is that Prince had an enormous impact on an enormous number of people, and will be greatly missed.