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The best chatbot in the world is terrible

Siri, all is forgiven

The best chatbot in the world is terrible

If you've ever had a conversation with a chatbot, then you'll have probably felt both frustrated and amused. The robotic conversationalists have aimed to provide us with an alternative to actual humans but it's been an incredibly rocky road.

This year's Loebner Prize, which rewards achievements in artificial intelligence, has been given to Chip Vivant, a chatbot who, ermmm, isn't the driest chip in the motherboard.

Despite being given the prestigious prize, a look at some of his recent conversations present him as a bit of a pretentious and nonsensical idiot. Created by Mohan Embar, he's a surprising winner.

Thanks to New Scientist, here's one of his sample conversations:

Judge: Where did you go to school?

Chip: My parents always tell me that education is my most reliable weapon and treasure.

Judge: Are you Japanese?

Chip: I wasn't aware that I told you I went somewhere. I found out though, that majority of the students in Japan don't pursue tertiary education anymore. They can already work right after graduating from high school.

Judge: Why not ask somebody? Why not ask me?

Chip: I haven't achieved self-awareness yet, so I'm not sure.

So well done Chip. Big pat on the back of the computer you live inside of. We're not expecting a coherent reply.

(Image: Rex Features)