Teenagers are proving how stupid they are with the Banana Peel Challenge


Hard-pressed, overworked people in A&E departments everywhere: have a sit down before you read this.

With the Ice Bucket Challenge having thawed out, the latest craze to sweep social media is the 'Banana Peel Challenge', where teenagers take a fruity yellow wrapper and find out for themselves if it really is as slippery as it seems on all of those cartoons.

Spoiler alert: it is. And it's absolutely hilarious (until someone breaks their neck).

All started off by this incredible clip from Jason Oakes - you'll need sound for the full experience:

And before long, people were copying him:

To be fair to them all, at least it's a better development than all of those awful body 'challenges' that women constantly have to endure - such as the hideous 'A4 challenge'. You might break an arm doing this, but at least you'll make everyone laugh.

Apart from all those hospital workers. Sorry guys, it's gonna be a busy few months...