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Take Control of Your Tan

Take Control of Your Tan

Take Control of Your Tan
30 July 2012

Don’t rely on the British summer for a tan – do it yourself with one of these effective products


- Do a patch test 24 hours before tanning to see the intensity of the product and to detect any allergies to DHA or other sugar derivative properties.

- Exfoliate beforehand as rough patches will take the product differently, making it look uneven.

- Apply a body lotion to dry areas to soften skin beforehand, to achieve a more even tan.

- Apply the product in layers to build up the colour – it is possible to go darker but not lighter.

- Apply before bed so you can leave it eight hours before washing it off.

- Don’t wear white for at least 24 hours after application/rinsing.



Self Tan Dark Spray £26 for 200ml by ST TROPEZ; 020-7845 6330

Self Tan Mousse Medium – California Sun £25.50 for 150ml by UTAN;


Liquid Tan Light £24 for 250ml by JAMES READ;

Perfect Blend £34.99 for 220ml by XEN-TAN;


Self-Tanning Instant Gel £17.50 for 125ml by CLARINS; 0800-036 3558

Self-Tanning Lotion Spray £63.50 for 150ml by SISLEY;