Stephen King teased a Donald Trump horror story and Twitter reacted wonderfully

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Tom Fordy

When Stephen King – the undisputed master of horror – thinks you're scary, you're in trouble. 

That's the problem facing Donald Trump, who King jokingly told Twitter he was casting as the lead monster in his "latest horror story".

Whatever it is – Trump's ghostlike hair, his radioactive perma-tan, or ability to spout terrifying garbage without any semblance of human conscience – there's no arguing the presidential candidate is pretty frightening.

And as expected, Twitter played an absolute blinder in reaction to King's tweet. Here are some of the most horrifyingly brilliant reactions so far.

Trying to pull in the floating voter

An American idiot in London

Childish play

Hair-raising stuff

Or alternatively... batter up!


Some terrifyingly good fan art

The Cold War just got HOT

Pennywise has let himself go

The gruesome twosome

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Tom Fordy

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