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15 Spyro memories that will take you back to the Year of the Dragon

Gliding. Flying. Catching eggs. Those were the days

15 Spyro memories that will take you back to the Year of the Dragon
28 July 2016

Gliding. Flying. Catching eggs. Can anyone among us claim we have ever truly wanted more from life than this?

For a brief period in the hazy summer holidays of '98, '99, and '00, that's what life was. (Plus a few Mighty Max play sets thrown in for good measure)

Relive the undeniably best times of your life (forget your wedding or birth of any offspring) with our glimpse back into the past... 

Getting your eggs stolen by one of these horrible motherf*ckers

Collecting all those sweet, sweet gems

Nearly smashing the game/PlayStation/world after hearing "Trouble with the trolley, eh?" for the 125643rd time

Being consumed by the total and irrational fear that you would accidentally remove the memory card whilst saving

Watching Sonic be sassed into oblivion

Skateboarding, because obviously

Hating Gnasty Gnorc with every fibre of your being

Enjoying the change of pace with the occasional water level

Knowing the true thrill of egg hatching way before Pokémon Go

Just being a general badass

Relating to the sorrow in Spyro's eyes at the Game Over Screen

Blushing like hell at the fairy's kiss

Enjoying the dizzying heights of 2000s special effects

Feeling slightly bad about the number of sheep genocides you were responsible for

Being hit smack bang in the middle of the feels before feels were even a thing

We miss you too, Spyro.

We miss you too.