Smoking weed not only gets you more sex but it makes you better at it too


You can be forgiven for thinking that smoking copious amounts of weed would probably leave you pretty numb (but very relaxed) to the world - and also a bit of a recluse - but apparently the drug may have benefits in places you didn’t expect.

According to a study of over five hundred thousand millennials by SKYN condoms, 14 per cent of people that smoke weed every single day also reported having sex ‘several times per day.’ Compared to just 5 per cent of people that didn’t smoke the drug claiming the same thing.

In fact, not only were potheads having more sex, they were also having sex with more partners. 37 per cent of weed smoking millennials have had 15 or more sexual partners, with only 14 percent of non-smokers claiming the same.

Perhaps most enlightening however is the claim that smoking cannabis also made users feel like they were better in the sack. Having a similar effect on sexual performance as alcohol, leaving users more confident in their abilities to almost cocky levels – 59 per cent of stoners would describe their performance as ‘amazing.’ Which is pretty impressive…

Now all we need is for Seth Rogen to make some kind of comedy documentary about it all.

[Via: PR Newswire