Scientists have some terrible news for people who like long naps


If you're reading this, you're going to die. Well, everyone - even the horrible bastards that aren't reading this - is going to die, but you're going to do it sooner. Because scientists have discovered that people who like long naps have lower life expectancies than the super-humans that somehow don't.

A 13-year-long study by Cambridge University found people who napped for over an hour a day were 32 per cent more likely to die than weirdos who don't sneak off to the office toilets for a lie down.

Scientists quizzed 25,000 British men and women aged between 40 and 79 about their napping habits, and then basically - and really, this is science - watched 'em to see if they'd die. 

Although people who napped longer did die younger, it's not wise to identify causation, as it is possible some individuals napped because of illnesses, not that the napping caused the illnesses in the first place. 

However, another recent study also discovered that naps lasting longer than 40 minutes can raise your risk of premature death, as you're more likely to develop metabolic syndromes like obesity, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. 

Solution: take 38-minute naps. You're so welcome.