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Russia leak their own nuclear plans on national TV

Russia leak their own nuclear plans on national TV

Russia leak their own nuclear plans on national TV

It turns out you don't need spies and secret services to foil nuclear plans that could obliterate entire regions. Just a television station run by your own government and an unwitting cameraman. 

The Kremlin has admitted that secret plans for a nuclear torpedo system were revealed on TV during a meeting between Putin and military officials in Sochi on Monday. 

A shot over a military official's shoulder showed a confidential document containing drawings and details of a weapons system called Status-6, designed by Rubin, a nuclear submarine construction company based in St Petersburg.

The shot was followed by an ominous statement from Putin:

Russia will take necessary retaliatory measures to strengthen the potential of our strategic nuclear forces.

And as with most nuclear weapons, if they were deployed the effect would be catastrophic. 

The nuclear torpedoes, to be fired by submarines, would create “zones of extensive radioactive contamination making them unsuitable for military or economic activity for a long period”, says the document, which is clearly visible in the footage for several seconds.

Putin's spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that the image had been pulled, but that doesn't mean everyone hasn't already seen it. Because, internet. 

In future we will undoubtedly take preventive measures so this does not happen again.

Meanwhile, we can all feel safe with the knowledge that the carelessness of showing information wouldn't reflect Russia's attitude toward using weapons of mass destruction, right?

Or maybe we've all been had, and Russia was just flexing to show the world what it has up it's sleeve in retaliation to NATO's show of guns.

Like 'accidentally' sending that girl you like a gym selfie.

Watch the footage below.

Russian secret torpedo plans broadcast on TV – video

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