Revealed: the 15 most edited articles from Wikipedia’s first 15 years


Where would we be without good old Wikipedia?

Praying our dusty CD of Encyclopædia Britannica 1999 still works, most likely.

Helping students plagiarise their homework and the rest of us sneakily win pub quizzes for a good decade and a half now, Wikipedia has just celebrated its 15th birthday. And it's marked the landmark by reminding us all that, for all the reliance that mankind continues to put its faith in, it's still an online archive which practically anyone can edit. Even Wikipedia's Wikipedia page (meta, that).

Thanks to a blog-post by Jimmy Wales' digital colossus, we now know the pages which have seen the most edits in its decade and a half at the top.

Who knew Michael Jackson and the Catholic Church had something in common?

Go figure.

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