The internet has collectively ruined every superpower with science, for your enjoyment

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Ben Scott

Superpowers are great aren’t they? Bending the boring rules of reality for some pretty impressive feats of physics and science. Sadly, they’re pretty much limited to special effects and movies (for the time being).

However, if they were real, you can count on Reddit to thoroughly dismantle all of your hopes and dreams.

In a thread titled “What superpower is ruined the most by real world physics?” many commenters took it upon themselves to find the realism holes in plenty of common superheroes.

Super speed would super suck


Invisibility but not visibility


Walking through walls would have nasty side effects


Nearly Headless-Cyclops


I hope you like Iron Man well done


Massive strength at a game-breaking cost


Freezing time is now basically useless


The guy who believes Batman is living a lie