These are the happiest facts ever, according to Reddit

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Emily Reynolds
Here are some of the happiest facts ever

What with the almost constant threat of nuclear war, global warming destroying the planet and….Donald Trump, you’d be forgiven for looking at the world with a less than rosy view. Politically, things are not looking that great to say the extreme least.

But that doesn’t mean we should lose sight of the small parts of life that make us smile - and that’s exactly what Reddit users have been doing in a thread of ‘happy facts’.  To start with, there are a LOT of animal facts, each more glorious than the last. 

In fact, a large proportion of the facts are entirely animal based. 

And the ones about dogs are especially brilliant. 

But the human based facts are also really, really sweet, with lots containing touching stories of overcoming human adversity. 

And this, truly the best fact of all time:


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